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Larry White - Coronado Breeze

When, in 2004, I reviewed the ‘Unsolicited Material’ CD by keyboard player Larry White I described the music that he writes with his wife Margaret as a unique blend of jazz and R&B with delightful chord changes and interesting melodies. Three years have passed since then and Larry has crammed more into them than most. He has switched bases, first from Las Vegas to Newport Beach, CA, then back again to Vegas before finally, and significantly, arriving in the wonderful city of San Diego. It’s a change that seems to have really stirred the creative juices and has resulted in his brand new release ‘Coronado Breeze’.

He has latterly been inspired by the environs of the city that he now calls home and from the first track ‘Coronado Breeze’ is replete with the cool vibes so synonymous with that special part of Southern California. Its title, ‘Lazy Day In La Jolla’, says it all and sets the theme for the entire album. ‘At Midnight’ remains mellow yet right ‘in the pocket’ while the romantic ‘Come Away With Me’ is simply begging to be grafted onto a movie score. The Old Town district of San Diego is known for its array of restaurants with menu’s bursting with foods from south of the border so its no surprise that White’s ‘A Night In Old Town’ has a distinctly Latin zest of its own. ‘Dreamcatcher’ shares more of the same Latin theme and when, with ‘Dog Beach’, White decides to have some fun he intersperses his funky piano with barking from the family pets. Larry White ‘does smooth’ as well as any keyboard player around and with cuts like the edgy ‘This One Last Time’ and the distinctly moody ‘At Midnight’ he really shows how.

The title track is another fine example of mid tempo and melodic smooth jazz but its with the more tranquil ‘Lonely Lady’ that White comes up with what is arguably the albums best track. With a beautiful melody rippling through the entire piece this is perfect music to which to chill and another personal favourite ‘Ojal Valley’. Blissfully simple yet intoxicatingly haunting it’s just one more reason why ‘Coronado Breeze’ is so special. As White closes out the album with the heartwarming ‘Wish You Were Here’ thoughts turn once more to the magic that is San Diego and of the splendid job that Larry White has done to evoke it.  

Denis Poole, UK



Thank you again for letting me download all 11 songs from the "Coronado Breeze" CD!  I uploaded 3 additional tracks to Whitester Radio-Smooth Jazz last night. I already have "Lazy Day In La Jolla" on the playlist. I also have "Coronado Breeze", "Dog Beach" and "Dreamcatcher" in rotation.
That is a GREAT CD!!!!!  Keep up the Great Work!!!! 

David White

Whitester Smooth Jazz Radio


Hi Larry! The CD is amazing just like you!!

Pamela Black - DJ

Pamela’s Place KUNV 91.5 Las Vegas 



Of course we would love a copy of your new album if you remember I have already featured your track Dog Beach on my own show already !

Mr A Allsop
Jazz Syndicate Radio


Rooted in adult contemporary, jazz, and R&B, “Unsolicited Material” is a mature glimpse at a legend in the making.                                                                      


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The CD, “Unsolicited Material” is a welcome sampling of contemporary jazz flavors.  His style is much like fellow pianists David Benoit, Greg Karukas and Brian Culbertson, following the same musical formula.  The music is not overpowering and plays very refreshing music.  I enjoyed the tracks “Morro Bay”, “Joyride” and “A Quarter or Two...” as they highlight his piano talents.   If you’re looking for a Contemporary Jazz breakout CD, this could be it.   Give it a try!

Michael Gerard James  

Smooth Jazz and More



Larry, I love this CD.  I receive lots of CD's each week. I am happy to get 1 or 2 good songs to play on the station, but yours...THEY ARE ALL GOOD!!! I would like to feature your CD on my station.  Thanks again for this special CD!!

                                                           Greg Brown, Program Director
                                                           WINR 100.1 Smoothjazz


The C.D is brilliant !! Very impressed.

Steve Clinkscale, Manager-United Kingdom



I have had the opportunity to listen to some of the samples from Larry White and I would love to play his music on JWR Radio!

Rebecca Jernigan

JWR Radio - Lenexa, Kansas



I love the music on his site. I would be more than happy to include his music on Izodyna Radio.  Thank you!

Bob Rich

Izodyna Radio -Orange Park, Florida



I have just received the promo of "Unsolicited Material."  Are you Dave Grusin in disguise? Well done and your album will be added to my station's playlist for next week.

 Mark Allsop

Jazz Syndicate Radio - Essex, UK


We'd love to play Larry White on Take10 Radio!

Steven Yang

Take 10 Radio - Mainland China



I would be happy to play Larry's music on our station. I really enjoyed the samples on the website.



Craig Chapman

RhythmFlowRadio - Bronx, New York



I just received "Unsolicited Material" in the mail today. That is a GREAT Smooth
Jazz CD from start to finish. I do have plans to air at least 3 songs on Whitester Radio-Smooth Jazz.  


     David White

                                                     Whitester Radio - Smooth Jazz - Omaha, Nebraska

  accomplished jazz vocal stylist soloist worth spending some quality time with... (



...accomplished jazz vocal stylist soloist worth spending some quality time with... (his new CD) ... is beautifully performed.

   Joe Delaney

Entertainment Critic -  Las Vegas Sun


s new CD) ... is beautifully performed.                 Jo

I listened to your CD and enjoyed it.  The song craftsmanship and musicianship are first rate.


Eli Wolf, Manager A & R

Capitol Records



"Finally, an artist appears that crosses the barrier of contemporary music with a prolific melodic line and chord changes reminiscent of Bill Evans, Horace Silver, Chuck Mangione & Henry Mancini.  Listen to him sing! There's a quality that's unique and beautiful, with exceptional intonation and phrasing... something yet to be discovered by most contemporary singers."

   Jack Eglash

Music Critic


I agree with the rave you got.  Not all musicians are arrangers and not all arrangers can write songs.  It was a pleasure to listen to someone who can do both.  Wonderful changes, made me very happy.  Thanks.

Morgan Ames 

Renowned Composer, Arranger and Producer



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